2wenty-5 Random Stuffs

First of all I just want to say the hair has gotten shorter, and I’M LOVING IT!!!!! I’ll post a pic after I get my highlights in 2 weeks just so you can see what I’m working with :). As for the title, I just found this note I had on Facebook and I thought it might be a fun way for my readers to get get to know me as well as to update them! So here goes and enjoy!
1. I detest bad hair days still true

2. I love meat.. a meal is not complete without meat (ok akil? lol) I still think vegetarians/vegans/ raw food lovers are mad

3. Pants suck! skirts and dresses RULE!! I’ve actually grown to like leggings and some jeans as I now live in a very cool climate

4. I’m dying to cut my hair even though I wanna see how much longer it’ll grow As mentioned earlier, I’ve cut it again. This is the shortest I’ve ever had it and I’m loving it!

5. Kix is my favourite cereal… and they don’t sell it in Barbados 😦 I now live in the US and I hardly eat Kix :S

6. Pink is my favourite colour for accessories.. not necessarily clothes not much has changed here, it’s still an accent colour.

7. I love bags I definitely have more now 😀 but shoes may soon replace them…

8. I LOVE English movies still the best!

9. My mouth does not have a cover sometimes I’ve gotten better at covering it, now to work on my facial expressions…

10. I like to be FRANK I don’t believe in being insensitive though, so still correct.

11. I have lots of career choices but can’t settle on one I’m a housewife now so not much to talk about here LOL.

12. I want another puppy but Daddy nor David would allow it lmao.. I’m slowly getting there with the puppy, Dave has somewhat given the O.K. but it’ll still be some time.

13. I like travelling but hate flying :S still true 😦

14. I’d rather eat 1 square meal of healthy food and 2 square meals of junk as a reward lol I’ve put on my big girl pants and this is no longer true.. junk food is now only if I’m starving but I’d rather have a healthy meal as many times as possible.

15. I like the gym when its set in my schedule.. when its not, it sucks! I don’t have much of a schedule now but I still like the gym 🙂

16. I like the songs from the Apple ads *sigh* Somewhat still true, but I pay less attention to those ads now.

17. I totally dig Sesame St only from my day… wat they show now is a joke still true.

18. I lurve to cook baking is creeping it’s way in 🙂

19. I can be a blonde sometimes …… 😀

20. I suck at maths getting better at calculating tips but still suck.

21. I go mad in stationery stores *blush* I’ve toned down but I still buy random cute notebooks

22. I don’t like big dogs, only Jessica’s lol still true.

23 I just started eating broccoli I could create a list of the veg I now eat at will but it’s not necessary 😛 so Yes I like salads and veg now 😀

24. I don’t like to think i’m getting older I’ve changed this thought into “you’re getting older but make sure you look your best along the way” 🙂

25. I put on weight despite what people think lol This is a huge one.. since I wrote this I probably gained 15lbs and lost 13 and I’m now steady and happy with it is 🙂

Funny the difference two years can make. I could probably think of twenty-five more random things and maybe I’ll do it another time, but I just thought this would be quite interesting to revisit and see what’s changed. Maybe I’ll do a list of twenty-five other things, like quotes or thoughts, who knows. My family will be here in a matter of weeks and I plan to use the driving around time to snap some photos of Seattle and post here so that you can get a peek into my space :P. I can see that July has been a little quiet on the posts so I’ll try to make up for that. I still have to write on my three day Smoothie fest so look out for that soon!

Hope you enjoyed this little “get to know me” post.

Lots of love


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