Time flies..

I planned to give the apartment a thorough cleaning by the end of January.

It’s February. The apartment had a cleaning… not thorough but it was cleaned. January did not go as expected and that’s good. I was out during the day so much that I didn’t even have a chance to sit at home and sulk about the winter weather (except for the week of the snow storm and even then that was fun). I have done so much since I came back that I am actually falling behind on things that I used to do on a daily basis. And I’m not frustrated. I had days where I’d sit home and wish that I had something to do outside to get out of the house (you can’t shop every day) but now I have days where I wonder when I’ll be home long enough to do certain things. I think, so far, I’m having one of my best years here. I’m really working on myself.  Living a life that is rewarding and fruitful. I’m making sure I’m not too busy that I am not enjoying life. I don’t see everything as a chore and I’m not pushing myself to do things to feel overwhelmed.

Time flies and it’s not only about what we accomplished  but how we did it and how we felt. I’d hate to think a month has passed and the only emotion I can feel is misery when I think of it.

Life is just for living.


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