Clean Freak

Yesterday I was watching HGTV and Clean Freak came on with Sabrina Soto. Before seeing this, I only knew of Sabrina from the ads on t.v. for her Target collection. This show was amazing to me because I love everything to do with organization… my husbands and friends used to tease me a lot about it. Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post is because a few things were brought up to help with storage/organization that I am definitely going to try.

1. Using a belt hanger to hang necklaces. I am currently using small command hooks on the side of my dresser to hang them but I like this more. My belts are on this right now which is a bit much to unhook and open when you have quite a few belts on one ring. So I think I’ll be getting two or three hangers to accommodate both the necklaces and the belts.









2. Towel bar for scarves. I currently have mine folded in a drawer but this is definitely one to consider. I’m probably going to use the other belt hanger I said I’m currently using for my belts but I think I’ll really like to have this one set up eventually.

3. Paper towel holder for bangles. I like this idea but the only problem for me is I have more bracelets than bangles so I’d probably have to mount it horizontally.

I need to start looking for proper jewellery storage but I have to consider practicality more than “cuteness” because I don’t want to just throw costume rings in the same bowl as my silver and white gold rings and then stuff starts turning colour etc lol. These are the suggestions that really stood out for me and if the show comes on again with different people I’ll try to make note of more storage/organization options and post them here. 🙂


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