Hair we go!

I’m long over due for a hair update but I was waiting until I got this cut. I got highlights about two weeks ago but I wanted to wait until I got a trim to show you what it looks like now. Below you’ll see a pic from July last year (on the left) and then the trim with highlights (the rest lol), so about 8 months of growth and trimming.

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I’m really REALLY trying to grow my hair despite how frustrated I’m getting. I saw this product on the Wendy Williams show (I do not watch that show but for some reason my husband put it on one night while surfing, yes weird). I think it may only make me go for a pixie cut again even though he hasn’t given me the O.K. for a cut that short again but I HAVE TO TRY THIS!! It would truly solve the main problem I have with my hair being short – burning myself trying to use the mini flat iron on the short bits.  (I was trying to use a link they had on their website but it wasn’t working.)

I went to Sally’s Beauty store today while my husband was getting a haircut and I found a cheaper version of it and I thought I’ll try it and if it’s ok I’ll purchase the real one for longevity. I think I’ll go shorter when I go back to the hairdresser if I really like it, but I’ve come a long way to go back short, and I really miss it. Part of me wants to grow it sans weave I also just want it to be long and over with. The things women go through yea?


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