What Is Your Role?

Just hear me out…

I am *tired* of seeing quotes, statuses, videos and rants about what men and women should be. Half the time it’s a single person speaking their mind and a ton of other single or broken hearted people “liking” and sharing these quotes.

Call me old fashioned and still a newly wed but here’s my view:

When you enter a relationship *NEVER* expect that person to automatically change for you. You are two totally different people with personalities that have meshed. Any changes that need to be made for the relationship to work, will come naturally or you both work towards it if you really want it to progress.

This shit about a role of a woman and a role of a man being laid out like it’s the law is BS. B-S!! You both assess what you’re bringing to the table and you find a way to compromise and make it work. You appreciate what the other is bringing and you lift each other up where the other is lacking in a LOVING way. You do not belittle the other person because you only push them away.

Relationships are a lifetime work-in-progress. Life changes and so do you. You grow together and if that’s not possible keep trying until you’ve exhausted all of your options. You should never be the same person you were 5 years ago. If you are, go out some big girl panties/briefs on and GROW UP.

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