Dad Tested. Dad Approved.

I wanted to share some products that my husband has approved since he’s an engineer and prefers whatever is the easiest and less stressful route. Here’s what made his list, have a laugh!

Oxo Tot Formula Dispenser

Having a bottle fed baby means you need the least frustrating formula dispenser especially when your partner does about half of the daily feeds.

In his words: “It’s more efficient. It reduces spillage because I’d spill the other one trying to turn it.”

He would prefer if I tossed the Avent and Munchkin one. They don’t turn as easily so they’re crap.

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

I decided to get this when Kai would go to sleep only on me for naps and wake up crying for a bottle. Since I couldn’t move once I got him settled, I’d make a bottle and put it in the fridge to heat once he got up.

Before bottle warmer in his words: “You don’t need that shit.” Me: “I’m getting it.”

In his words after bottle warmer use:”It’s fast as f***.”

Avent Pacifier  – plenty

**pre-pacifier clip** We had about 6 pacifiers. Kai would just spit them out occasionally and a few would land on the ground. So instead of having to run and wash it, it was “get a new one”. Then I had enough (I was the one washing everything), and bought two pacifier clips. We only use these pacifiers because baby doesn’t like this other Avent Soothie one or the Dr. Brown’s pacifiers (even though they glow in the dark :|).

Pacifier clip 

**post pacifier clip** In his words: “Best sh*t ever.”

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