It’s 8.15p and I’m sitting at my messy kitchen island with barely enough space for my elbows, eating a chocolate digestive biscuit. I’ve eaten 2 already, but I take out one and cover the container each time because “I’m only having one”. I want to bake but it’s too late. So these will do. 
My toddler is behind me in his corner of the living room banging on his drum with a stick. He’s supposed to be sick. Puked today. Snotty and coughing too but getting better. 
My husband bathes him at night. It’s the one baby duty that helps me out. I’m home with him all. day. long. Sometimes he asks if I want to bathe him… I hardly respond and use silence and an answer. 

I ask for help. Shit, Superwoman needs help sometimes!! And you know who isn’t afraid to ask anymore??? ME! In less than a month, we’ll celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it honestly. I never used to ask for help but having a kid has definitely changed that. And my standards. You can’t ask someone to do something your way all the time when they’re helping you.  7 years though?! And there’s never a dull moment!

The other day, I went ape shit because he farted, and the fan blew it in my face. But I was tired. I’d marched up to our room after telling him off and I knew I overreacted but as I said, I was just tired. From the day too, but I was just tired of smelling them all week and the fact that he’d done it 2x before and ignored my annoyance since the fan kept blowing them to me. I knew he was trying *really* hard not to laugh. I know him and I knew he could tell I was annoyed so he didn’t laugh – in my face. The next day we laughed about it because, honestly, I was trying not to laugh myself. I apologized for freaking out but I was just tired of him not acknowledging the fan blowing it in my face. Why can’t we be serious sometimes? 

I wanted to have a glass of wine tonight but I would probably hit my head on the counter from passing out. 2 sips of wine get me really sleepy now, but I like the idea of having it to relax from the day. Just not when I still have to clean the kitchen from dinner…
For once I don’t know what to get him for our anniversary. I have to go think of this now. While I wash up from dinner and he bathes munchkin. Tomorrow we do it all again. Btw, I only had 4 biscuits. Yay me! 




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